We’re sitting in the lounge waiting to board after a whirlwind final week. We’ve rented the flat, put stuff in storage, finished up jobs, done loads of life admin and now we’re sitting here looking at each other and saying ‘This is actually happening!’

It would feel surreal if it wasn’t so awesome. This is our life now – backpacks and maps and snaps and (probably) a lot of weird and great food. 

Our first stop is London. Sarah’s already planning to take me around and show me the old parts she used to live in and play in, and we’ve got some catch ups and events planned to fill up our week. I think a lot of it will be us just bouncing around in this new, vagabond reality and grinning like drunk monkeys. 

There’s so much to do – and for once that doesn’t feel like a task list. There’s so much we can do – and possibility is a gateway. 

See you soon, readers!