So in all the blogging and travelling, I totally forgot to post about Berlin!

Berlin was pretty awesome, particularly some of the weird things we did and saw. We visited

We visited Templehof airport, which is now a recreational park, and wandered around the old airstrips reading up on its history. This was particularly fun for me given my love of DBC Pierre’s Lights Out In Wonderland.

We saw the Victory Column, the Brandenburg Gate and the Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe, which are all in close proximity to each other. The memorial is initially so simple and then begins, as you wander through it, to communicate (at least to me) an inescapable bleakness, the sense of each stone block, different from its neighbours but tricking you into perceived uniformity through sheer repetition.

We tripped over a huge street parade with DJs and dance music, and wandered the remnants of the wall, reading about Syria on one side as part of an art exhibition, and looking at the custom-pained wall segments on the other.

We went to MauerPark, to sit on the hill and eat and drink while artists spray-painted behind us and buskers filled the huge green space with various types of music.

We went out to Alexanderplatz for jazz, sneaking into a basement to listen to a modern quartet with members from around the globe, with some red wine and bellies full from a good dinner down the street.

We also cooked and played cards out on our balcony in the evening, as our Airbnb hosts were away for the weekend!

Berlin wasn’t my favourite place this trip by a long-shot, but it was definitely worth a visit to see the history and vibrant culture amidst what still feels like a city reconciling with itself.