The news brought us to a sobering wakefulness on this morning – Brexit is a reality! We sat in bed frantically scrolling through the news, reading various analyses and the story of how this momentous decision came to be. After a week of walking around London and seeing so many campaigners for Remain, we felt certain that the result would be a continuation of the status quo. Interesting times indeed, particularly in light of the next six months of us travelling around Europe.

Borough Markets – a foodie mecca like no other in London

Eventually, having read everything we could find online, we got up and decided that, as the weather was pleasant, that we’d spend the day going to markets. We made our way down to Borough Markets, getting there just as the stall keepers were setting up shop for the day.  I’d never heard of Borough Markets before, but it didn’t take long for my tastebuds to start shouting, as we passed stall after stall of delicious and fresh looking food. We ended up getting a scotch egg (my first – delicious!), a chorizo and red pepper roll, and some brownies to take away with us. I could easily have gone crazy on the cheeses and ciders, not to mention the cakes.cheese

From there, we walked around to the bus stop and caught a bus to Spitalfields market, which is far more clothing and fashion related. It was nice to walk around and look at the range of stuff – from Game Of Thrones t-shirts and designer dresses right through to decorative homewares and crafts. The weather turned a little as we left Spitalfields, so we walked down to Moorgate station and caught the Tube out to Camden market.

canalI wasn’t blown away by Camden market, although I can definitely see the appeal if you’re a bit more rock and roll and anti-establishment. The whole street was very tourist heavy, which isn’t surprising on a Friday, and we’d indulged far too much at Borough Markets to need to stop for food! So we walked along Camden Lock, watching the canal boats float through, and then decided that riverside was better than kerbside, and walked down Regent’s canal for a bit. It was very peaceful down by the river – a nice change from the bustle of markets through the morning. Cyclists and joggers passed us as we strolled, listening to the strains of various buskers as we followed the curve of the river. guitaristAs we walked past some moored canal boats, suddenly there was Sarah’s friend Becca, who we’re having lunch with on Sunday! So we walked with her past the crowds out getting a spot of sunshine on their lunch hours, and then, after dropping her back at her work, caught the train out of King’s Cross back to our flat.

After a quick sit at home (at this point, we’ve walked about 100km, according to my Fitbit) we dressed and headed out to the beautiful Lincoln’s Inn Fields, to sit outside with a Pimm’s in the afternoon sun and catch up with a succession of Sarah’s old colleagues from her Oliver Wyman days. Given the end of the working week had been so affected for some by the Brexit vote, Sarah’s old colleagues came in waves – first Harry, then James, then Ricardo, with enough overlap that we could chat to each one in turn. After a few too many sauvignon blancs, we said goodbye and walked home through Piccadilly Circus.