Give the length and breadth of our travels, we decided to have a mixture of powerful tech to edit and update on the fly, and lightweight tech that could do as much as possible per kilo we carried. The idea was to build a loadout that gave us maximum flexibility without cursing us to extra baggage or ungainly requirements with chargers and connectors.

Here’s the technology stuff we’re taking with us (excepting of course everything I buy on the way!)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

I’ve used Surface Pros before, but wanted to get one of the new ones with some decent power and portability. The Pro 4 is an exceptional machine once you know your way around it, and this one, loaded with some choice software and expanded memory, is going to be our workhorse.

Nikon D7200

This is a pretty recent upgrade for me from the very flexible and accommodating D90. The additional video control, external mic jack and improved image quality are all major bonuses to upgrading. I’ve no problem using Canon equipment, but once you’ve started collecting the lenses, it makes sense to stay with one family – ad the convenience of Nikon’s hand controls definitely still makes it easy to use one-handed. The increased image size means I’ll have to think more about memory cards, but more pixels have never been a bad thing (unless we’re talking about loading times).

Nikkor 18-300mm lens

Another upgrade, this time from the Tamron 18-270mm. I’ve loved using the Tamron as a workhorse travel lens, given its incredible zoom and hardiness. Having dragged the Tamron across the US and around Europe a few times, I’m looking forward to the extra crispness that the Nikkor gives through the mid-zoom range, and that last additional 30mm just feels like an extra bonus.

Peak Design Capture Pro clip & Grip

I’ve seen these on a few other hikers around our travels across the US, and they piqued my interest. I find having a full strap on the DSLR a bit restrictive when it comes to freedom of movement, so I’m keen to see what the combination of the clip and grip will be like to use, particularly in different weather.

Ricoh Theta S Spherical Camera

I love this little thing. Price and quality wise, it’s an exceptional piece of work, and a lot of fun to play with. Being able to shoot 360 degree video and panoramic stills makes for some fun content moments and very weird selfies. Being able to run the video through an Oculus Rift headset to really give people a chance to share the experience in full 360!

iPhone 6s

Good apps, reasonable battery life and ultimately, the phone I already owned, so why not take it? Also, it’s hard to go past it as a secondary camera and control module, with 4K video and some great editing-on-the-go apps.

There’s a bunch of software and apps I’ll talk about once we’re out and wandering, but that’s the main stuff we’re taking. What’s your go-to travel tech?